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Importance of Hiring Professionals in Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

Once you make a decision to build or renovate your existing kitchen, a proper design that serves your need, create spaces, and makes an inviting space for your friends and family is of utmost importance. Layout, design, cabinet, counter, hardware, tiling is some of the primary considerations.

  • Increasing cabinet height can be a good way to add storage space, even if you don’t actually increase the square footage.
    • Include new, energy-saving, and smart appliances.
    • Change layouts, remove walls for more open space, to give a flow to the home and give a spacious feel.

* Tucking away the trash, microwaves in hidden drawers can free up a lot of cabinets, counter, and floor.

Kitchens redesigned can maximize storage in their own unique way that fits the homeowners’ preferences and style.

Over time your floors may become worn out. When it’s time to replace your floors, you can rely on our flooring renovation services. We can present you with a range of flooring options and advise you of the ones that are best suited to your needs and your budget. Visit this website to get more insight, Kitchen and Bath Remodel Essex County NJ

Along with the regular kitchens, we are experts in creating outdoor kitchens as well. Our kitchen design team and contractors are prepared to help you do this. We can customize an outdoor kitchen that is sure to offer you all the functionality you want and more.

There is a lot that goes into renovating a basement. We are eager to help homeowners convert their unused space into livable space. Whether renovating your basement for a new man cave, nursery, play area, home gym, or home office we can help with you. We can take care of all city permits, design, basement floor, walls, and false ceiling. We are your basement remodeling contractor, who can take care of all city permits to build a fully functional and cozy basement space, be it a bar or a game room. Finishing, renovating, or remodeling a basement is a great space renovation project.

At Kitchen and Bath, we can help you achieve just that, from estimate to design to procuring materials to financing, we can help with a seamless transition from a dated to a brand new kitchen with the latest styles. For our customer convenience any project that will be between $500 to $25,000, we can help you get financing at no to very low interest. Call us today to schedule a free estimate @ 973 965 8407. You can rely on our team of qualified professionals for any renovation needs.

Along with Kitchen, bathroom, basement, we also remodel any kind of living space. Bedroom, Closet, Garage Conversion, Flooring, Tiling, and even painting. We serve all of Essex County NJ. Livingston, Morristown, Millburn, Short Hills, South Orange, and various other cities of Essex County.