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The benefits of a Metal Garden Trellis

Trellis fences are a popular feature in many gardens. The fence is an architectural structure that is erected at various locations in the yard. It consists of latticework held together by a frame and posts. Wood, vinyl or metal are commonly used to construct the fence. It can be attached to a structure already in place or installed independently with the aid of cement. These fences provide a simple yet creative way to design your garden. Like other types of fences, the trellis style has its advantages.

Wouldn’t you say that certain plants and certain people could benefit from a little extra support? Human support usually comes from family, friends, coworkers, animals—the list goes on—while certain plants get propped up by trellises. By definition, a trellis is “a framework of light wooden or metal bars, chiefly used as a support for fruit trees or climbing plants.” But there’s so much more to say about this versatile hardscape element.

What’s the difference between an arbor and a trellis? A trellis is a solid vertical support (which itself may rest against a solid wall, fence, or facade) while an arbor is a freestanding garden element. An arbor acts as an entryway but garden designers often use trellises as screens to create privacy or to screen unsightly elements.

Which is the right trellis for your garden? There are many sizes, shapes, and styles, but don’t feel overwhelmed; we’re here to help you make the right choice. Read on for tips for selecting a trellis that enhances the design of your landscape—and meets your plants’ requirements for a little extra support.

Garden structures, including trellises, provide a strong vertical element to break up a flat space, plus they act as important backbones for certain climbing vines and rambling vegetables and fruits. All trellises require that the homeowner take time to consider the style, scale, and placement in the garden in relation to the existing house and garden so that all the elements play well together. The other beauty of a trellis is that if you’re crafty and competent with tools you can build your own and customize the shape and design to suit your landscape needs and budget, keeping in mind that what you build is sturdy enough for what you want to plant and that it’s constructed of weatherproof materials that will last.

Whether it is featured as a focal point or just as a decorative structure in a yard or garden, a trellis can help to personalize your landscape. In addition to providing support for climbing plants, wrought iron and metal trellises can add dimension and a touch of artistic elegance and distinctive architecture to any outdoor space.

Classic Quality
Wrought iron and metal trellises come in a plethora of designs and sizes, including everything from small animals and flowers to large French or Gothic-style structures. Available in virtually every style from contemporary to classic to custom designs, wrought iron and metal trellises often act as focal points, bringing a bit of artistic flair to spaces of any size.

Strong Structures
In addition to being able to support large, climbing crops and ornamental plants, wrought iron and metal trellises are some of the few outdoor structures that are invulnerable to the burrowing rodents and pests that often plague landscapes and gardens. Also, trellis installation is fairly easy. Smaller trellises can simply be pushed into the ground, while larger models may require use of a hammer and anchors to ensure the trellis is secure.

Climate & Weather
While wrought iron and metal are sturdy landscape additions, they tend to absorb extreme heat and cold. Plant-supporting trellises exposed to direct sunlight or left in freezing temperatures for an extended period run the risk of damaging growing plants. So make sure the plants you choose for the trellis can adapt to higher temperature variations. As free-standing structures, metal trellises can corrode and eventually break when exposed to constant rain when not maintained.

Wrought iron and metal trellises can be quite costly. Less expensive trellises made of materials such as wood, plastic, aluminum and mixed metals are also available. To ensure longevity and optimal appearance, wrought iron and metal trellis owners typically have to purchase special cleaning and rust-prevention products. Routine maintenance can include using sandpaper to remove rust and applying a protective layer of paint.

Add vertical interest with metal trellises to complete your garden or patio design. Trellises can also be made from wood but metal garden trellises are our favorites. The advantage of metal design is the ability to create beautiful vignettes far more complex than wood ones. A metal trellis is usually beautiful with or without plants on it, making it a great all season garden addition.
Trellises catch the imagination of metal workers everywhere and for that reason some of the very best designs are done by metal artisans, such as this wall trellis by Evolution Iron. Did you notice the singular butterfly perched on the second branch on the right?

A trellis fence makes a simple yet attractive addition to the garden. For some people, the open-weave style has higher aesthetic appeal than a solid panel fence. The ease of installation makes this fence a popular garden feature in many homes. Few tools are required to install the fence and no specialized tools are required. Trellis fences have high functionality and can be used for various exterior projects. When well installed, they can complement your garden beautifully. The fence is an excellent aid for the ardent gardener. It provides a strong support system for plants and flowers to climb upon. Many gardeners find the fence an ideal support system for roses or honeysuckle plants. If you have a weak vine that is unable to grow upright on its own, the fence provides the necessary support. Visit: https://coastalmetalart.com/collections/metal-trellis

You may also use the fence to partition your garden into sections for different uses. This creates some visual diversity which enhances the setting. It creates a delightful scene which increases the aesthetic appeal of your garden. A trellis fence can be used as a privacy screen. The openings in the grid-like pattern allow you to see through the fence to the other side but also allow some privacy. The fence can help to hide imperfections in the yard. It comes in handy if you wish to conceal certain areas or items that you prefer not to be seen. The fence can help make a garbage area less of an eyesore. It also provides some shade and regulates noise and wind. This allows you to relax outdoors in comfort. Air and light easily filter through the fence which improves ventilation and ambiance. It is easy to clean the fence when dirty. Simply spray wash when dirty to restore the clean look of the fence.