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Types of Garage Door Locks

Locks are the most powerful tools that gives you peace of mind that your garage is completely safe and secure. There are different types of locks that you can use, such as automatic door locks with an interlocking electromagnetic tape that bolts the door automatically and the most suitable for overheated tilt–up and automated shutters. You can easily operate it with a click of button, and in case of someone gets access, you will immediately get a notification about it.

Slide locks are very simple to uses a latch that slides from the door into pre-cut hole, preventing it from ascending when bolted. If you have metal garage door or an overhead door then you can use slide locks, as it’s easy to install and cost-effective.  T-Handle Garage Locks and unlocks the latch based on the rotation of the T-pulley and you can install these locks on either side of the garage door just for enabling the double security system. There would be a separate key for each T-handle lock, and it couldn’t be operated with other unlocking devices.

Central garage door locks are another best choice that works for managing all the cables and pressure springs running from the locking mechanism to the actual bolt. These types of locks are easy to install, operate and maintain by providing a locking system to both end of the garage door, but you can’t operate it by using a remote system. Just like any deadbolt lock, you can use the electronic lock to operate your garage door system. You can control the lock automatically and operate it by using a smartphone app.

You can also choose keyless garage door lock for operating on the keypad with the password. You can easily operate them from anywhere and combine them with the alarm sensors. If you are still not sure which lock is suitable for your garage door, contact Garage Door Repair Suppliers Edison to speak with a professional.

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