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What Are The Common Uses of Bulldozers?

A bulldozer is a piece of heavy machinery that is found on most building sites. It has a large flat blade that can be found at the front of the machine which is controlled by a hydraulic arm. It has tracks rather than wheels and this helps it keep traction on the ground.

Bulldozers are usually used for demolition purposes. They are often used to pull down old buildings to make way for something else to be built in its place. There are smaller versions of bulldozers that can be used to remove fences and push any rubble to a different part of the building site. Some common uses for bulldozers are listed below.

If you are working on any construction, demolition or groundworks project, a bulldozer will be required for earthmoving. The bulldozer is mostly used for pushing rubble but is also useful in ripping down structures such as fencing or walls. Hiring a bulldozer from a plant hire company is one of the most convenient options for as long as your project lasts.

Earth Moving

Bulldozers are capable of moving large amounts of soil and other debris. It is used alongside digging and excavation machines which dig the ground. The bulldozer is used to push the excavated soil, rock and materials away from the site for disposal or transportation to another location. The blades of a bulldozer can be used to push away the dirt that has been dug up by other machinery.

Road Building

Bulldozers are also a useful piece of equipment to have when a new road is being built. The topsoil will need to be removed from the surface of the ground before the tarmac can be laid and this is something a bulldozer can do easily. The bulldozer is used to smooth the surface of the road following any road building.


There are a number of different ways that a bulldozer can be used on a construction site. A lot of the preliminary work that is needed to prepare a site for building work can be carried out by a bulldozer. This includes moving topsoil, vegetation, earth from foundation holes and creating workable surfaces.


Bulldozers are also commonly used in the demolition of buildings. They can be used for pulling the buildings down as well as removing all the debris. The bulldozer has a sturdy cab for the driver to sit in which protects them from injury. After using the bulldozer to knock a structure down for demolition, it can be used to push the earth away.

Snow Plowing

A small bulldozer can be very effective when it is used as a snow plough. It will be able to clear all the snow off your driveway very quickly. You will also be very popular with your neighbours if you are able to provide the same service for them.


Bulldozers are very useful for drainage work because they are so good at moving dirt. They can be used to dig out a hole to be used as a drainage pool. Drainage ditches can also be created quickly and easily.