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What is the First Step in Lawn Care?

When it comes to lawn care, there are a few steps you need to take to have a beautiful lawn. The first step is to determine what your soil pH is, which can help you decide the type of fertilizer you need. A soil test kit can also help you determine the type of lawn fertilizer that will work best for your lawn. Stauffers, for instance, offers a free spreader with any fertilizer purchase. Trimming your grass if grown very much is also the first step toward your lawn care, you can also hire a professional for this work like grass trimming oviedo.

In addition to watering the lawn, you should also rake the leaves and sticks that collect in your yard. Raking leaves and sticks will prevent dead spots from forming in your lawn, and you’ll have less to mow come springtime. A lawn that is cut short will survive snow better, and cutting the grass will give you one less chore to deal with in the spring. Using a leaf rake can help you rid your lawn of dead grass, too, and break up matted areas.

If you’re new to lawn care, a soil analysis is recommended. An analysis will let you know what nutrients your lawn needs and which supplements you should avoid. Too much fertilizer can cause problems and runoff of nutrients. This can be a waste of money, so make sure you do the right research before you spend a dime on a lawn treatment. Once you know what your soil is, you can plan fertilization schedules and methods that will work best.

Another important step in lawn care is weeding. Weeds can compete for sunlight and nutrients and cause dead spots in your lawn. Weeding your yard will make it look better, and prevent unwanted plants from taking advantage of them. This step is especially important if you have pets and outdoor furniture in your yard. It will also prevent weeds from taking away the sunlight and nutrients from your lawn.

Aeration is another step to ensure that your lawn is healthy. It is best done in the fall or early spring to avoid compaction and to get more air and water to your lawn’s roots. Most people choose to aerate their lawns once or twice a year, but this isn’t enough. It’s important to use the aerator on your lawn only when it is thin and if it’s showing signs of yellowing or fading. Using grass seed from your local area is a great way to ensure that it will thrive in its natural environment.