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Why are Plumbers so Expensive?

ring people ask the question why plumbers are so expensive the reason they cost quite a lot of money it’s because plumbers need to do training and they have to make sure that they have all the skills and qualifications to do the job so although it may seem that you are employing somebody and they are just coming in and doing a small job what you also need to consider is that there are many other aspects and cost which may not be taking into consideration.

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plumbers need to undergo several years of training and this means that during those years they do not earn very much money because they are usually paid a small apprenticeship wage which means they will earn much below the minimum salary of most people and in the first few years of plumbing the salary can be generally very low however it is only after the first five of six years that plumbers will really be able to charge quite high rates which is when you consider this in reality the same as somebody who goes to university and spends several years going to university to train and then several years on a low salary the same can be said about plumbers full stop

Another consideration that many people do not think about is the travel time that plumbers have to make in order to arrive at a job because very often people will call a plumber and he may need to drive 30 minutes or so to get to the job as this is quite a normal amount of travel for a plumber then once the plumber is there let’s say for example he carried out a job which may take about 1 hour then the plumber also has to do with the administration of dealing with the payment which as time and then the plumber also has to consider getting back to his next job or getting home there for what seems like a 1 hour job for you to complete the plumbing job they in fact consider Much More Time full stop

Now if a plumber wants to obtain job on the open market then there are also very high marketing costs from any plumbers and this also needs to be factored into the consideration of the plumber when he is making his prices because plumbers prices also need to cover the marketing costs which unfortunately a reality and need to be paid in order to make a business successful and in order for you to be able to find the plumbers easily so much of the marketing cost is made and paid to other companies however plumbers have no choice to pay these costs and these cost need to be passed on.