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Why Should Every Home Have a Counter Depth Refrigerator?

If you’re relocating to a new house or are preparing to renovate your kitchen, you may have looked into purchasing the most suitable counter-depth fridge. This type of fridge varies from a regular fridge in that it is typically simpler and broader.

Counter depth types are normally 23 to 27 inches deep, but regular depth refrigerators have a depth that varies from 30 to 34 inches. Unlike many usual fridges, counter-depth fridges are often characterized by side-by-side doors and tend to be taller compared to regular models.

Counter depth refrigerator do take up extra height and less space. So they are normally well fitted to more insignificant kitchens. These fridges may also seem much beautiful in a tiny room, as they are typically flat with the cabinets and don’t extend in any way. If you are keen to try a counter-depth refrigerator to free up space, this is the best choice.

The countless features

One of the best characteristics of a counter-depth model that makes it a beneficial option is providing adequate space for several extensions to your kitchen. For instance, if you’re planning an island model in your kitchen, a counter-depth fridge can provide a lot of area for this facility.

With a counter-depth fridge, you can also enable easy traffic to walk smoothly into the kitchen. Not only does the refrigerator itself provide for an added area in your kitchen, but its external doors also take up less place even when they are open. This additional area is a significant priority for many customers.

The Downside of a Samsung refrigerator

Samsung fridge designs combine the greatest selection of counter depth models.  There are some downsides to counter-depth fridges, including their cost. But they are worth the price and a long-term asset that is much durable.

Companies make fewer counter-depth compared to standard depth models, which affects the unit-level price. Besides, businesses usually use expensive but more delicate insulation material to provide as much interior space as possible, making them highly priced.

The benefits of branded models of refrigerators

The best counter depth fridges for 2021 are from Samsung, Bosch, GE Appliances, JennAir, KitchenAid, and many more. You can find them easily in almost all appliance stores in Canada.

The KitchenAid models are the best among them, with many features. This includes a full-width drawer with three temperature controller settings to chill or defrost food to perfect temperatures. You can simply purchase freestanding and counter-depth fridges that are available in multiple options such as french door, side-by-side, top or bottom mount and more, including world-class KitchenAid features.

Still, you will be utilizing much more of the limited storage in the fridge chamber. If you want a more custom and sleek look to your kitchen layout, opt for a counter-depth model. Some might say that it freezes their new food, but this is one of the best models on market these days.

When you purchase branded models, they allow you to track your order history and provide faster, more relaxed purchasing and customer support.

On the plus side, if you like a glossy appearance on the outside, this fridge delivers it. With its counter-depth arrangement, industrial style, knurled bar handles, and stainless steel finish, this refrigerator could give out a contemporary look to any kitchen interior.