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A Review of RoofNG’s New Roofing App for Roofers

In today’s advanced technological world, roofs don’t have to be measured manually. RoofNG is one of the most powerful and feature-rich roof measuring apps designed to help roofing companies increase their efficiency, improve sales, save costs, and grow their businesses.

The Roofing app by RoofNG offers reliable tools to instantly measure, show roof images, determine design requirements, create quick reports, and generate personalized proposals for your clients. The roofing app is designed with maximum flexibility; which means you can accurately measure roofs from anywhere, anytime, any day.

iRoofing App Features

The Roofing app is an excellent solution developed to meet all your business needs as a competent roofing contractor. The roof measuring app has the ability to offer you accurate measurements, instant reports, and secured data storage amongst others. Nevetheless, we’ve listed some of the best and most important features of this amazing roofing app:

  • This roof measuring system is fully available on mobile, tablets, and desktop. Irrespective of your location – office or job site – RoofNG have you covered.
  • With RoofNG, you can generate faster custom reports that contain all the required information needed to complete a project.
  • Hips, rakes, pitch, valleys, ridge, and eave can effectively be marked, and roofing materials can be ordered immediately.
  • This app has the ability to help you measure any type of roof remotely, using the Satellite, Google Maps, and other powerful software.
  • RoofNG app can help you evaluate the roof pitch using Google Earth, and then comparing it to the real roof measurements.
  • RoofNG takes users’ privacy seriously, your information or that of your clients won’t be shared with any third parties. So, you are sure of data security.
  • RoofNG offers complete 3 days of free test drive of this incredible software. Take advantage!
  • All generated reports, images, or documents can saved, emailed, printed, or shared with your customers.

Significantly, RoofNG users can create custom-tailored reports that contain all the roofing information that property owners need. The measurements or reports can be printed, emailed, or shared with clients via cloud-based services like Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive.

With this app, the delay for reports and roof images is over. You can save money, time, and energy by downloading and using this efficient roofing app available on both iPhone and Android.

Why Choose the RoofNG Roof Measuring App?

  • Multi-Platform – The RoofNG app is highly functional and available on mobile, desktop, and tablet. You simply can use it anywhere!
  • Fast & Accurate Measurements – Looking to avoid roof measurement errors? RoofNG is your best app! Since it’s powered by Google, the app offers quick and accurate measurements – with adjustments for hip, pitch, and valley.
  • Instant Reports – No more time-wasting! Create perfect and professional roofing reports in a few minutes with just a few clicks. Now, that’s a better way gain more happy clients!
  • Multi-Language – The RoofNG app features another widely spoken language – Spanish. You won’t get this feature in other roofing apps. Watch out for it!
  • Live Technical Support – RoofNG offers 24-hour live technical support for all users. Need answer to any question or solution to a problem? Just hit the chat button! This is another reason why the app is a great choice.
  • Highly Competitive Pricing – From experience, RoofNG pricing is one of the lowest in the industry. You can enjoy unlimited access for as low as $59/month when use subscribe to a yearly plan. Now, that’s a mouthwatering deal!
  • Generous Affiliate Program – Residual income is sweet. RoofNG users can earn extra money by simply inviting people to use the app. The affiliate program is multi-tiered up to 3 levels – remarkable!

RoofNG App Subscription Plans and Pricing

The RoofNG multi-platform app comes with unlimited roof measurements and reports when you choose the $69 monthly subscription. In addition, the monthly plan offers unlimited access, round-the-clock technical support, custom proposal, and secure cloud server information management.

Ultimately, to save cost on your subscription, you can select one of the two additional plans – semi-annually and yearly plans – priced at $64/month and $59/month respectively.

Need more information about RoofNG user-friendly roofing app? Make yourself comfortable by visiting http://www.roofng.com today! You may as well download the roof measuring app from Google Playstore for Android smartphones or Apple Appstore for iOS devices.