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Pros of side entrance gates

Wood has withstood the test of time and remains a popular gate building materials, despite troublesome competition from aluminium, wrought flat iron and uPVC. When choosing a fresh garden or driveway gate it can help to understand the professionals and cons of every material accessible to you, including maintenance costs, longevity and style recommendations.

Pros of side entrance gates

Advantages of Wooden Gates
Softwood gates made of Cedar or Redwood Pine are versatile, inexpensive and easy to keep. All softwoods are easy to work with and this means a real wood gate can be produced to suit any style of home. Traditional gating is designed for period properties with ironmongery to complement the age of the home, as well as for more privateness or a modern touch, timber gates can be built as you solid panel to maximise security and divert unwanted attention from your property.

You’ll find so many finishes that may be applied to timber and if you wish to change the appearance of any gate in the foreseeable future, it is a simple and satisfying home improvement. You may have a selection of painting or staining your fence, which topic could period an entire post, see it here more details:

Paint features the natural grain of the solid wood and will come in many colorings, but is likely to chip; basics covering of primer is also required before painting

Stain is transparent and works in to the lumber grain; it comes in less colors, but will not chip and does not need a primer

Paint and stain will protect your gate from normal water and UV damage

If you want to change the appearance of your gate that is painted or stained, all you need is sandpaper, a brush and a pot of the required finish

Timber is also very sustainable, and there are several accrediting body that warrant your real wood has result from an eco-friendly source. Search for labelling from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Recognition (PEFC), to guarantee your real wood is from a sustainably monitored forest.