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Selling home when you can’t make payments

The benefits of home ownership

Owing a home is a great thing. It provides a lot of benefits. You don’t have to pay rent and your mortgage payments tent to be tax deductible. There are a lot of good things to owning a home. One of my favorite good things about real estate ownership is that you actually make equity as you make payments. I know that a lot of money goes to interest and also to other things like homeowners insurance and other escrow bologna. But over all you do pay down your principal.

Why sell your home to investors

Owning a home is a very good thing for many reasons as I’ve already mentioned buy sometimes selling your home is not a choice. For many people the risk of losing their home is real. Someone can get sick and not be able to pay their mortgage payment. Losing your job sucks but it happens. You can get fired for being late perhaps because of car troubles. But if you don’t make your home payment the bank will be mad. They have legal rights to your real estate. Banks love to foreclose on people that do not pay the mortgage on the house. They don’t care if you lost your job to no fault whatsoever of your own. They don’t care about bad luck. Big banks like wells fargo, chase, CitiBank and so forth make a lot of money taking peoples houses. They are usually protected by PMI, or private mortgage insurance, so when no payment is sent to them they just go at it. They get their overpaid attorneys to initiate a foreclosure. And all of that hard earned equity can be lost in a couple of months. You can end up with a foreclosure, that means really bad credit. Worst of all you can get kicked out of your own home. There are a lot of reasons why people may sometimes need to sell their home urgently but the key is to do it before you lose it, avoid foreclosure.

Sell home fast

If you are running out of time the best thing you can do is sell your house fast to real estate investors. A lot of people tend to wait several months to take action. If you have hurry up and contact quick cash home buyers in your area. They can buy your house as is with no hassles so that you don’t lose it to the bank. By selling to an investor you do not end up with a bad foreclosure on your credit. By selling to an investor you can usually walk away with cash. And if you had a lot of equity, then the more equity the more money that you can usually ask for your house. Of course they are investors who tend to pay below what the market bears. But selling your home at a discount is much better than losing it to a bank. Save yourself the head aches and embarrassments of your neighbors seeing you home foreclosed. Skip the realtors and skip the banks, sell direct to local home buyers.