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What’s In Store for Bathrooms in 2019?

5 Bathroom Talking Points, Trends, and Hot Design Styles for 2019 and Possibly Beyond

So far, 2018 has been a relatively busy year for the bathroom niche and the home improvement industry as a whole. We’ve seen loads of sleek bathtub, tile, and walk-in shower styles appear. Still, a few old-school bathroom trends like the use of cement tiles have made a huge comeback.

However, if your bathroom needs an upgrade or refurb, be sure to check out and get inspired by the following 5 design styles bound to make headlines in the next 12 months or so. Whether you lean towards a maximalist or minimalist bathroom, there’s something for everyone!

#1. More Natural and Creative Lighting

When it comes to bathroom lighting, you can get as creative as your budget can allow. But why spend oodles of cash when you can use transparent cupola? Yes, this fabulous material is literally opening up the bathroom ambience to the outdoors – and the trend will stick around in 2019. It lets in more natural light, adds more aesthetics to your bathroom decor, and is easy on your pocket. What a win, right?

Also, watch out for creative vanity lighting with a blend of mid-century, antique & Italian styles, as well as gold tone light fixtures & hardware. They’ll not only brighten up your bathroom but also add a touch of luxury to it.

#2. Patterned Bathroom Tiles

You read that right. 2019 will be the year of patterned bathroom floor tiles. This is not really that surprising because artisanship has continued to become a huge deal in the bathroom niche.

#3. Honeycomb Tiles

Still on bathroom tiles … honeycomb designs are going to be all the rage in 2019. These hexagonal shapes will appear everywhere in the bathroom, from the walls to the flooring.

#4. Color Palette

As more millennial buy into the idea of a bathroom renovation, we are probably going to see more of pink and copper shades. However, earthy hues will dominate 2019 bathroom decorations, with forest green, blonde, beige, and ash charcoal taking center-stage. If you’re looking to add metal fixtures, black, brass & white will still be hotter than a pepper sprout!

#5. Wall Enhancements

Gone are the days for neutral-colored and matte white walls. In 2019, intricate tiling (honeycomb much?) and full gloss enamel paint will be the “it” thing. More bathroom specialists are also into contrasting bathroom wall tiles with grouting. It’s a little chic but also practical and gives off an artistic feel and look.

There are just but a few bathroom trends to look out for in 2019. Shared basins, clean lines, espresso colors in tiles, and smart bathroom gadgets might also tickle your fancy. Which bathroom trend sounds like you?

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