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Winter Moving Tips

Are you moving through the winter? With regards to the weather, winter moves are usually more difficult, but they are nowhere near impossible. Between the unpredictable weather and the concerns with the safety of the roads, it’s important to be thoroughly prepared. Don’t worry; our company is here to help! We’ve compiled a set of some quick tips to keep your winter move as smooth as it can be! Check them out below.

5 Must-Follow Winter Moving Tips
Check within your movers: It’s important to bear in mind that winter is normally the off-season for moving companies. Through the weeks before your move, make sure to check within your moving company. This can not only help to keep you in the forefront of the minds, but it will also help to mitigate any last-minute concerns for you.

Keep an eye on the weather: It’s important to always keep an eye on the elements. If you notice a winter storm on the radar through the week of your move, express your concerns to your movers. It’s always a much better idea to push back the moving date as opposed to getting stuck in a storm.

Protect your floors: On your day of your move, you should have people trudging in and out of your property. Cover your carpet and hardwood floors with plastic tarps to safeguard them from any mud or snow that may have been brought in.

Shovel the snow beyond your house: When there is snow on your driveway, sidewalks, or the road before your home, clear it. The very last thing you want throughout your move is designed for either you, your loved ones members, or one of your movers to slip and injure themselves while moving large furniture pieces.

Stock up on extra warm items: As your day goes on, your movers’ gloves may get drenched from the snow. Stock up on extra hats and gloves to provide to your movers if they’re needs to look just a little cold or wet.

A self storage Omaha Rental could make Your Move Easier!
If you’re moving during the winter, you might reap the benefits of renting a storage unit. A move can be a big deal, and renting a self storage Omaha gives you to slowly move items from home and into a secure location before your move. Renting a storage unit is also beneficial if your old home has recently sold as well as your new home will not be ready that you can transfer to for a few more weeks.

Their storage facilities have a variety of storage unit sizes including: 5×5, 5×10, and 10×10 self storage in both traditional and climate-controlled. Reserve your self storage Omaha unit today!